Be it a digital space, physical space, activity, group, or product; Mobius can help you to ensure that everybody who wants to can access your ideas.

For access citizens, accessibility is an ever-present part of life. Life’s pretty complex – and accordingly the services Mobius offers are varied and fluid.

All our services are evolving. As such, they come bundled with a three and six month review – to revisit our journey, assess where we are at, the lessons we are learning, and investigate how to ensure futureproof inclusivity.

It is my firm belief that Access must never be contingent on availability of funds. If you or your organisation do not have the means to fund the provision of accessibility; let’s work together to find ways to make real, meaningful access happen

Tailored workshops

let’s explore access, inclusion, and diversity.

It can be difficult knowing where to start when we talk about access and disabled people. Traditional  models are not designed with access at their core; so those with access needs are explicitly designed out. What many businesses don’t realise, is the massive, untapped potential of the disabled workforce and the access market.

Let’s get together and start that journey to give your team an edge; not only in the context of social change, but in tangible financial returns.

Together we can:

  • Investigate how tweaking your business and its services, spaces, or products can create access for both employees and your market.
  • Navigate the unknown space that is access in 2021 – we don’t arrive with all the answers; We aren’t box tickers. Let’s explore and find them together.
  • Language, identity, diversity. They can be challenging for those without lived experience to talk about. We delight in discussing questions and ideas, and deconstructing those barriers most of our society is built on.


let’s build something new.

We’re really passionate about creating a world and a culture where access is designed in by default. We aren’t quite there yet, unfortunately – but we can show you and your organisation how easy it is to create for everybody when you include everybody from the inception of the design process.

We can

  • Offer guidance and exploration of inclusion during the design process across a wide variety of physical and digital spaces
  • Help design systems, training, environments, resources, and more – and ensure access for everybody.
  • Facilitate workshops and individual/group discussions to get you thinking , playing, designing, and learning in the realm of inclusion and diversity

Analysis & Problem-Solving

let’s re-imagine your status quo.

It can be difficult to change what is already established – that’s why access is so important to include from the inception of the design process. I’m passionate about identifying and overcoming barriers that are currently impeding access to you and your ideas – whoever you might be. Together we can:

  • Identify access barriers and problem solve to find solutions and the resources to implement them
  • Co-design and facilitate customised workshops to explore what being inclusive could bring to you and your team, and how to get there
  • Explore and Develop short, medium, or long-term strategies or frameworks of inclusion, that focus on high tech, evolving solutions and the means to implement them

If you’re ready to step into an all-access future, give Mobius a call and let’s discuss how we can best move forward.

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