A gallery and studio space for and by disabled creatives.

 Senseless represents a revolutionary movement within the visual arts. Not one of inclusion in what exists now, but of reimagining what could exist. Artistic philosophy that invites a new paradigm of dynamic expression and sensory understanding beyond the limitations of the visual. Experiential art.Senseless is a platform set to deeply challenge our understanding of what visual art is, and who a visual artist can be.

We’re creating a wonderland.

 Senseless is something that will create livelihoods, give voice to our most marginalised communities, and unite generations past, present and future through creativity. Right now is your chance to be a part of making that happen.

We aim to:

  • Bridge the gap between the wellbeing art provides and the 1 in 4 of us who, because of disability, have limited or no access to that wellbeing.
  • Create a hub where disabled artists are celebrated – and scrutinised – free to create without the need to navigate, mitigate or justify their access needs. Where we control our own narrative.
  • Design and deliver a transferrable framework of world-leading accessibility, through a mixture of new and existing technologies, thinking, and design.

What wonder lies in the diverse and as yet largely unexplored sensory worlds that disabled artists inhabit?

How can artists incorporate accessible practices into their creative expression?

Where are the creatives – individuals and groups – in Aotearoa and abroad who are already playing in the space beyond the limits of the sensory?

There are so many questions to ask. So many roads to explore. What we will find; we don’t yet know. And that’s where the excitement lies!

Consider this a call to join our expedition into the space beyond our preconceived notions of visual art.

Get Involved

Want to join our exploration? Great! We’d love to have you along.

For Senseless to create systemic change in the arts, it is vital we go about this intelligently and deliberately. We’ll need a lot of smart people with a diverse range of skills. And we’ll need financial support to facilitate and utilise their knowledge and expertise.

If you’re interested in being a part of changing the face of the arts, please introduce yourself in the form below and we’ll get back to you. Practitioner, purveyor, publicist, or philanthropist. Disabled or not. Let’s get together.

    Senseless – a new way of art.

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