Kia Ora!

Mobius is a disabled-owned and operated accessibility consultancy for the 22nd century.

We can revolutionize how you and your organization interact with the 1 in 4 people with access needs as both a market and a workforce.

Let’s take a step towards an inclusive future that’s better for everyone.

The conversations we have historically had about accessibility often stem from the view of disability as a burden. As a society, we don’t have a great understanding of the value diversity brings – and that translates to massive untapped potential.

You’re missing out. We all are.

The way we do things – business, travel, events, technology; you name it – is built on deeply inaccessible foundations. Access is an exception rather than a norm for the 1 in 4 people (and rising) whose bodies do not fit the mould of this so-called “norm”.

When you must work to navigate your way around barriers in environments and systems that were not designed with you in mind, you appreciate it when you find people and places that make the effort to be accessible. You feel valued, and you value those places and businesses in return. 

This is true across the world. The international access market is estimated to be worth NZD $13 trillion and growing. And we are just sleeping on this opportunity for investment – isn’t that incredible?!

Why Mobius?

At Mobius we focus on systems-level thinking to build fluid, dynamic environments. Digital, physical, and/or informational.  Environments that just work – for every body.

Our disability-led, collaborative approach draws on a rich network of people with actual lived experience of access barriers. Overcoming these barriers is a daily reality for us – why do you think many of the world’s most creative thinkers and innovative problem-solvers were disabled?

With a mix of youth and wisdom, a versatile set of skills and experience, and a passion for access, we would love to join you in helping to shape a future that is better for you, us, and all of Aotearoa.

Contact us and let’s talk about making good things happen.

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